Yorktown Chef To Be Featured on Food Network Opens Larchmont Restaurant

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Nick Di Bona of Yorktown has opened a new restaurant in Larchmont.
Nick Di Bona of Yorktown has opened a new restaurant in Larchmont. Photo Credit: Contributed

LARCHMONT, N.Y. – Born and raised in Yorktown Heights, chef Nick Di Bona has launched a new restaurant in Larchmont – just a few weeks before he makes an appearance as a competitor on Food Network Channel’s “Chopped.”

Madison Kitchen, which opened officially on Sept. 25 in Larchmont at 7 Madison Ave., offers Di Bona’s personal twist on New American cuisine that includes the use of fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, a press release said.

“I wanted to offer an eclectic mix of good food. Westchester has a lot to offer, Asian markets, Italian grocers,” he said in a statement.

The restaurant, designed by New York City-based Celano Design Studio, is the first solo venture for Di Bona, age 28.

Di Bona is an Italian-American chef, having served as the executive chef at the Peter Pratt’s Inn in Yorktown, which he grew up next to and worked his way up through the ranks after starting as a busboy, the release said. He also attended The Culinary Institute of America.

Di Bona competed in an episode of “Chopped” that will air on the Food Network in October.

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Comments (4)

Harsh? Not at all. The chef and anyone named in a news article deserves to have his/her name spelled correctly and they deserve consistency. Errors like this should be proofed and corrected before publication.

This is what editors are for. Spell czech is unreliable. (sic)

i agree, not harsh at all. it's actually embarrassing to the news organization itself,

A little harsh. Everyone makes mistakes.

To the Editor of this lovely "newspaper:" Please correct the spelling of DiBona's name -- you have it spelled wrong in one place and correct in another. Which is it?

Thanks. I'm sure he'll appreciate it as well.