Yorktown Winter Farmers Market Seeks A New Location

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Plans for an indoor farmers market at the Jefferson Valley Mall this winter have fallen through.
Plans for an indoor farmers market at the Jefferson Valley Mall this winter have fallen through. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser

YORKTOWN, N.Y. ‒ A reported agreement that would have allowed a winter farmers market in the Jefferson Valley Mall has fallen through, according to Karen Symington Muendell, the market's owner.

The stumbling blocks to an agreement between the mall and Maize Market Management were the size of vendor booths and having vendors with products similar to those of mall food outlets.

"Unfortunately, the lease agreement between [Maize] and the mall appeared not to be what it was on the surface," Muendell said. "Due to the mall's inflexibility, the market cannot be held at this location."

Jefferson Valley Mall officials did not go into specifics on why the two sides could not reach an agreement.

“While we were unable to come to a mutual agreement, Jefferson Valley Mall wishes Ms. Muendell well with all her future endeavors," mall manager Ryan Hidalgo said in a statement. "We look forward to bringing our shoppers more value-added experiences in the weeks and months to come at Jefferson Valley Mall.”

The market was supposed to be held every Saturday in the center court near the mall's main entrance until May 11. 

Muendell said Maize is exploring alternate locations for a winter farmers market in Yorktown, but does not currently have any venues.

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Comments (6)

@MisterBill2: That was my first thought. Maybe one of the booths was going to sell crappy pizza or chinese food? Every decision I read that the mall management makes is a bad one, its like they dont want to keep the doors open.

I cannot imagine what foods the farmers market vendors would have been selling that could have been similar to the crappy fast food available at the few mall food stands that are still open.

BTW perhaps someone can ask mall management what ever happened to Buca Di Beppo, which was supposed to be open already. Yorktown wasn't even listed on the "Coming soon" map on their website when I looked a few weeks ago!

Certainly seems that the JV Mall managers are trying to make the worst of a difficult situation.
High vacancies , 50 % occupancy at their food court ; several long complicated negotiations with restaurants which prove fruitless (issue has been an outside door separate from the mall entrance ---- the mall (?)/town(?) have held their building code(?)/zoning criteria(?) --- and have no foot traffic to show for it )'

Awaiting the JV Mall management announcement of new tenants coming in Spring and Summer of 2013

article says stumbling block was having vendors selling things that the regular mall food outlets sell. how is it wrong to defend mall tenants who are there everyday and paying rent against competition setting up shop on a busy day and paying a fraction of the rent?

The mall currently has at least TEN vacant store fronts -- Mr. Hidalgos big problem is filling the stores and generating foot traffic.

That Mr Hidalgo and the Mall were unable to make a deal with for a four month tenant -- and generate some people -- and rightly taking into account existing tenants -- is a miss by JV Mall management.

their previous big source of foot traffic -- ie the movie theatre -- remains vacant. I await Mr. Hidalgo s next effort to draw more people into the mall.

Missed opportunity for the JV Mall.

Mr Hidalgo has about ten vacant stores in the mall right now. Why he feels that having 10 vacancies and no lease issues and no foot traffic is better than working through the lease agreements with Maize and the JV Tenants is not evident to me.