Yorktown's Roma Building To Receive A Facelift

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The proposed changes to the Roma Building on Saw Mill River Road. Photo Credit: Michael Piccirillo Architecture
The proposed changes to the Roma Building on Saw Mill River Road. Photo Credit: Michael Piccirillo Architecture
Architect Michael Piccirillo presenting the new plans to the town's Advisory Board on Architecture & Community Appearance. Photo Credit: William Primavera
The Roma Building in Yorktown will receive a facelift. Photo Credit: Michael Piccirillo Architecture

YORKTOWN, N.Y. ‒ The Roma Building at Yorktown's Triangle Intersection will undergo a façade renovation this year.

The privately funded construction plans were presented by architect Michael Piccirillo at a recent meeting of Yorktown's Advisory Board on Architecture & Community Appearance (ABACA).

“The design concept was really to add some height to the building, because the height of the building is really flat,” said Piccirillo, a Yorktown resident and co-chair of the architecture board. Piccirillo said he wanted to break up the horizontality of the building. “The idea was to break this up in sort of a village concept.”

Piccirillo said he applied for permits about 10 days ago with Yorktown’s Building Department. He said construction could begin at the end of January and might take four months, though it could be sooner, depending on the contractor.

He did not expect that stores occupying the building would need to close during construction, but said that decision would be made by the contractor and the building’s owner.

“We’re not doing that much work to affect the tenants, Piccirillo said. “Most of our work affects the façade.”

The building is located at 2038 Saw Mill River Road at the intersection of Routes 118, 202 and 35. It was constructed by Joseph Roma in 1961 and maintained by the Roma family. After Roma died in 1976 and his wife Grace died in 2006, the property was left to their three children. The building was sold in 2010 for $2.6 million to 1331 Metro Holdings Corp.

The 24,780-square-foot building is home to Yorktown Jewelers, Gaudio’s restaurant, Twist Frozen Yogurt, a gas station and more.

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This is great - should really improve the look and feel of downtown, which is sorely needed!!! There needs to be more projects like this, which would hopefully help fill up vacant spaces. I believe there also needs to be some more light residential development in downtown, meaning some reasonably-priced (not necessarily "affordable housing") apartments.. I know there's not much space left but I think this could be done with some creative thinking! I know I would love to live right in the middle of town.


Fabulous news! So excited. This building is really ugly and is in urgent need of a face lift! It will make YH that much nicer!


What happened to the Gas Pumps ?

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