Putnam County Executive Odell Endorses Yorktown's Murphy For Senate

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Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell recently endorsed Terrance Murphy for senate.
Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell recently endorsed Terrance Murphy for senate.

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell recently endorsed Yorktown Councilman Dr. Terrence Murphy for New York's 40th Senate District. 

"This race is crucial for the future of the 40th district and indeed for the future of the Hudson Valley," Odell said in a statement. "Dr. Terrence Murphy represents the common sense, traditional values we all hold dearly in Putnam County. He has a stellar record of cutting taxes, job creation and being an advocate for children."

Odell went on to say Murphy would be a champion of the middle class and would work in Albany to create jobs. 

"County Executive Odell's endorsement means the world to us," Murphy said in a statement. "She has proven to be an exemplary leader who stands up for Putnam County's families on a daily basis."

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Comments (3)

Electing RINO'S over and over again isn't going to get NY out of the mess we're in, I agree with draginc.
Enough of this settling for the politician "chosen" by the party hacks, where's it lead to, more Repubican "lites". Let's get behind Castelli, a true Conservative and the kind of politician we need more of.

In response to Draginc it seems that the writer must be a democrat. Why do I say that, you ask. Well if Draginc was a republican then has forgotten Ronald Reagen's 11th commandment, Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. The party that is to blame here in New York is the Democratic party. Our state is losing its tax base. The seat in question is presently being held by Greg Ball and he has done a generally good job in bucking the tide of increased taxes and spending.
Something to think about: [And the winner for the worst state for taxes is . . . the Empire State. It's the worst state in the country when it comes to individual income taxes, likely due to its high top marginal tax rate of 8.82%. It ranks 45th for both unemployment insurance taxes and property taxes, and 38th for sales taxes. (It also has the highest tobacco taxes in the country -- $4.35 per pack of cigarettes.) Its best score was 23rd for corporate tax rates. New York was also among the top five outbound states in the United Van Lines migration study.] This is what a democratically controlled state does best. It is time for a change here in new York and that won't happen if Republicans don't get their act together. Andrew Cuomo and Sheldon Silver are the problems in part. Now when it comes to the election in November we have a republican and we have:
[ Justin R. Wagner- In addition to running on the Democratic ticket, Wagner is also running on the Working Families Party ticket.] I want you to take special note of his party affiliations. He is just another tax and spend Democrat. Just do a little research on the " Working Families Party" . Think your taxes are high now, just wait.
If we don't change something in Albany in November, we will no longer be the Empire State. We will be the broke Empire state.

MaryEllen has no idea of "Murph the abstainer's" voting record. If she had she would know that by his abstaining from the Cablevision contract vote, he cost us the loss of the cable tv studio that was located in Yorktown for over 40yrs. If she followed his record in Yorktown she would realize he hasn't created any businesses nor jobs in the town. Oh..he's there for the photo ops and ribbon cuttings but hasn't contributed to anything productive in Yorktown. He's also known for Murphy's Restaurant which he holds a very very small percentage and in addition is known for being a "minor's bar". So many arrests for violence and underage drinking and sales that nothing to be proud of. The only thing he's accomplished is to cashing a check every 2 weeks totalling $20,000 a year plus..medical benefits for him and his family as well as money towards a pension. If he's so knowledgeable and so confident, why isn't he debating Castelli in a public forum? Having supported MaryEllen in the past, I'm disappointed in her decision to support an UNQUALIFIED Murphy for such an important political position. Let's not forget he couldn't even defeat Mike Kaplowitz in running for Westchester County Legislature. Not once, but twice!!! Murphy can't handle the job of a Yorktown Town Council member, and there's no doubt he couldn't be possibly represent a Senate seat !!!