Photos: Yorktown Charity Donates To Breezy Point

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Yorktown volunteer Samantha DiPalo carries Gatorade supplied by Rocky's Deli.
Yorktown volunteer Samantha DiPalo carries Gatorade supplied by Rocky's Deli. Photo Credit: Paula Miritello / My Brother Vinny

YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Yorktown firefighters and other volunteers traveled Sunday to Breezy Point and Roxbury to drop off dozens of supplies to still-recovering firehouses that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Photo Album Yorktown Heights Fire Department and My Brother Vinny Donate Items to Sandy-Devastated Fire Departments

Yorktown Heights Engine Company #1 and charity organization My Brother Vinny collected chainsaws, food and drink, clothing, and more for the struggling fire departments.

“We did so much stuff yesterday,” said Paula Miritello, founder of My Brother Vinny. “It was definitely very successful. We’re going to get another list to see what else we can get them.”

Greg Santone, owner of Rocky’s Deli and assistant chief with the Millwood Fire Department, also donated three, 5-foot wedges and bottles of Gatorade from his store. About 15 firefighters from Breezy Point lost their homes during the October storm and have been living in the dilapidated department headquarters since, sleeping on cots supplied by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Miritello said.

“The guys were so thankful because they’re so sick of drinking regular water,” Miritello said.

Turco’s and Yorktown High School also donated food, and a construction company has offered to install new sheetrock free of charge.

“We’re lucky we have a huge network,” Miritello said.

Miritello said Point Breeze Fire Chief Marty Ingram was moved by the donations and said “through all the tragedy, it’s a blessing to see all the goodwill in people.”

“They’re really nice guys,” Miritello said. “We’re going to have a relationship with them for a long time.”

To donate contact Fire Commissioner Martin McGannon (, Beck (, firefighter Rich weber ( and Miritello (914-299-2106 or

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Please view our FB page for next trip information or send me an email.

Everyone that came to us to Breezy yesterday -
Kenny Beck -Yorktown Heights Engine Co#1/MBV
Rich Weber - Yorktown Heigthts Engine Co#1/MBV
Samantha DiPalo - My Brother Vinny
Erica Mulleady - My Brother Vinny
Felix Hughes, Jr. - Mamaroneck Village Volunteer Fire Department & Family!
Myself - Paula Miritello - My Brother Vinny :)

Thank you so much for posting this story! The Yorktown Heights Engine Company #1 has been an amazing group to work with in helping the Fire Houses in Breezy Point. I know Martin McGannon, Kenny Beck, Rich Weber, Jonathan Mullen have tirelessly worked to help their Brothers. I will have another list out shortly and I was made aware today that upstate Fire Houses may still be in bad shape from the floods of 2011. Which is honestly very devastating to hear. So, I will reach out to them and see if they need mutual aid from down here and have the updated Breezy Info out by the last Friday! Thank you!