Yorktown Farmers Market Cancelled Through Summer

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The spring and summer seasons of the Yorktown Farmers Market have been cancelled.
The spring and summer seasons of the Yorktown Farmers Market have been cancelled. Photo Credit: Rick Pezzullo

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. -- A few short weeks ago, Yorktown Farmers Market organizer Karen Symington Muendell was taking the final steps to prepare for this year's spring and summer market seasons. But a lack of interest has forced her to cancel the Yorktown Farmers Market through at least the summer. 

"At first I wasn't worried, because I figured once word started spreading, we'd have more than enough vendors for the market," she said Wednesday. "But it was like one after another that I kept getting calls from vendors who said they couldn't do it this year. Frankly I was shocked." 

More than 20 vendors from the Hudson Valley area  participated in the inaugural season of the 22-week Yorktown Farmers Market last summer. The market was able to raise more than $10,700 for local charities last year and was set to open Saturday at the firehouse at 1916 Commerce St. in Yorktown Heights. But Symington Muendell said there weren't enough vendors this year to support the rental. 

"When I sat down to see who was left, I realized I didn't have enough to cover the rental of the field, never mind donating money to the charity of the week," she said. "That left me in a position where I really had no choice but to cancel the market." 

Symington Muendell formed Maize Market Management last year to get the farmers market off the ground, but said she never anticipated closing down the market so soon. While the spring and summer seasons are cancelled, the market could make its return in the fall. 

"I want to work on getting a fall market open in October," she said. "We're going to work with the firehouse to try to get it going by October, take some time off for the holidays and then hopefully run it all the way until next spring." 

Those looking to learn the latest on the Yorktown Farmers Market are asked to visit Maize Market Management's website

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Comments (5)

This is terrible news! I loved the Yorktown Farmers Market. And now that the Danbury market is no more (which didn't bother me that much last year), I'll have to go back to Peekskill, which isn't any better than Yorktown was (and actually probably was worse).

It was pretty much a bust.

I thought they had some interesting vendors, I got some good stuff there.

Have the local farmers get their products in the local restaurants and supermarkets instead. It's unsuccessful since you have real farms to shop at like Stewarts and Hanover.

Other than local tomatoes and maybe corn from Meadow Farms at Peter Pratts, what local produce do you see on local restaurant menus? Is that the fault of the Yorktown Farmers Market?

Hanover Hilltop had a booth at the Yorktown market. They were higher priced than the other vendors. I'm certainly not going to go shop there.