Bank Forecloses On Yorktown Home Of KISS' Ace Frehley

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Yorktown property owned by KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has been foreclosed upon by a bank. Photo Credit: Google Earth
KISS guitarist Ace "Paul" Frehley signs a mortgage agreement in 2006. Photo Credit: Westchester County Clerk's Office
KISS guitarist Ace "Paul" Frehley signs a mortgage agreement in 2006. Photo Credit: Westchester County Clerk's Office
A summons filed Feb. 15 against KISS guitarist Ace Frehley accuses the rocker of owing more than $700,000 on his Yorktown home. Photo Credit: Westchester County Clerk's Office

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- A bank has filed for foreclosure on the Yorktown home of Ace Frehley, the original lead guitarist for the rock band KISS.

U.S. National Bank Association is accusing the rocker, whose real name is Paul Frehley, of owing thousands in mortgage payments on his Spring Valley Road home, according to a summons filed Feb. 15 to the Westchester County Clerk’s office.

The summons claims Frehley, 61, stopped making payments on his home in March 2011, and a balance of $703,581 remains of his initial $735,000 mortgage, which he signed June 16, 2006. The bank is looking to recoup the remaining balance with interest and late charges.

The one-family house, at 1347 Spring Valley Road is part of the Ossining Union Free School District and sits on 3 acres. The house was constructed in 1926 and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Jendell Productions LLS bought the home in November 2000, for $650,000. The company then signed the house over to Frehley Feb. 19, 2004, according to the Westchester Clerk's Office.

Yorktown's 2012 assessment roll puts the house's "full market value" at $563,909.

The assessment roll also indicates Frehley owns two other nearby properties - 1363 Spring Valley Road, a 2.14-acre one-family home, and 1357 Spring Valley Road, a 1.88-acre vacant lot.

Frehley, now a solo musician, is most remembered as the lead guitarist of heavy metal band KISS, which was known for its members' black and white face paint and flamboyant stage outfits. He left the band to pursue a solo career in 1982, but returned to KISS from 1996 to 2002.

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Comments (2)


I bet it's because he owes $703,581 and it's only worth $563,909.I thought housing was improving.I wonder what it will be worth at the end of dear leaders 2nd term


Wow, could it be ole Ace is broke? He's probably been on a bender for the last two years in California....hopefully it's just an oversight on the part of his accountant.

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