DEC Looks To Clean Up Yorktown's Sparkle Lake

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Sparkle Lake in Yorktown will undergo projects to reduce phosphorus pollution.
Sparkle Lake in Yorktown will undergo projects to reduce phosphorus pollution. Photo Credit: File

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Sparkle Lake and other areas in Yorktown have been targeted by the Department of Environmental Conservation for significant phosphorus removal.

Rahul Verma, executive director for the East of Hudson Watershed Corporation, said the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has funded a total of 43 projects across 19 municipalities to reduce phosphorous and improve drinking water in the Croton Watershed. Four of the 43 projects will be carried out in Yorktown.

The biggest targeted area for phosphorus in Yorktown is Sparkle Lake, Verma said, where there will be two separate projects.

“These projects are meant to remove phosphorous, such as parking lot runoffs and impervious surfaces,” Verma said. “We picked some spots where we think we can get some big bang for the buck.”

The projects at Sparkle Lake include capturing run off water and re-routing it into a filtration system, then routing it back into Sparkle Lake. The treatment system would be underground. The other projects will be carried out at Yorktown Police Department headquarters and at Railroad Park.

The Police Department project involves routing storm- water runoff into detention basin with a forebay that will filtrate into the ground. Verma said Chief Daniel McMahon  expressed concern that building a pond would reduce the department’s possibility for expansion in the future. At Railroad Park, Verma and company will retrofit an existing area use a pocket pond system.

In total, the Verma estimates that these projects should reduce phosphorus by about 13 kilograms per year, or 28.6 pounds.

Town Board members had no objection to the projects after Verma’s presentation Tuesday night.

“If I’m not spending taxpayer money, I’m good,” said council member Dave Paganelli.

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What will the DEC do about all the septic leeching into the lake from the houses on Hyatt St.? That has been going on forever....

Sparkle Lake Via The D. E. C. Another waste of taxpayers money. Last year through our Engineering Dept.of the Town of Yorktown excepted with out any comment or objection a D. E. C.order to check the structure of the 6 foot Sparkle lake Dam. The Town awarded a NO BID Engineering contract to check this heavy rock and earth 6 foot deep and over 100 Feet long by 100 wide for $ 35,000. plus extras. Does any one know were the study and report is? This dam and man made lake has been holding back all the silt run offs for about the last 100 years. In the past the lake would be drained every winter just by opening the Dam Valve and collecting the silt from the street runoff with the dead weeds. Plus Does any one know there is a detention pond built by the Bridle Ridge developer up stream on Town property that has never been cleaned from all the catch basin run off.