Yorktown Town Board Approves Jefferson Valley Mall Expansion Plan

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Simon Property officials presented its final plan for its Jefferson Valley Mall expansion Tuesday night in Yorktown Town Hall. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella
Residents packed town hall Tuesday night to see Simon Property's presentation for its JV Mall expansion. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella
The town board unanimously approved Simon Property's JV Mall expansion plan. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella
The exterior of Jefferson Valley Mall will look completely different after its renovation. Photo Credit: File

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. – The Yorktown Town Board gave developer Simon Property Group, Inc. the green light for its Jefferson Valley Mall renovation and expansion plan Tuesday, Oct. 15 in Town Hall.

The board unanimously approved the plan, which includes a 20,000-square foot expansion, and “turning the mall inside out” with new outdoor space, retailers, restaurants and giving the mall a new main entrance.

The plan also calls for renovations to the parking lot, a Route 6 berm, and tree removal, and the addition of 79 trees throughout the property.

“The goal is to have a dramatic effect with modest expansion,” Simon Property Vice President Steve Shea said.

Jefferson Valley residents packed town hall to make sure the proposal was mindful of those living closest to the upcoming construction and its final product. With an extensive storm-water management plan and tree removal plan included as part of the board’s demands -- and the traffic impact being described as “minuscule” -- Tuesday night’s resident feedback was positive.

“We are impressed with the plan,” Jefferson Valley Owner’s Association President Joe Devery said. "We expect you to be good corporate neighbors."

The architect of the project, Tenille Jordan of JP2 Architects, gave a presentation of the proposal, including a virtual tour of all the changes. She explained how the new “key note” main entrance would be relocated to the mall’s northern façade, facing Route 6. Other changes will include moving the food court, enhancing the Lee Boulevard entrance, and giving the mall’s exterior a complete facelift while “maintaining the great finishes and lighting of the existing interior.”

“What a wonderful presentation,” Yorktown resident Dorothea LaScala said. “I use to have a business in the Jefferson Valley Mall – I wish you guys would have come sooner. I can’t wait for it to get started.”

Town Supervisor Michael Grace gave Simon Property a list of demands, including a Master Plan for the mall, a landscaping plan and final site plan approval. Since the project carries a "negative declaration," and will not significantly change the properties current environmental impact, it is possible construction will begin in the near future.

“This project will take somewhere in between a year, year-and-half to complete,” Shea said. “But it will be a rolling renovation, so the mall will remain open during construction.”

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Comments (9)


MisterBill2 you can blame that so called business lover Nick. He campaigned against it! It time that two face BS artist leave office now. He has been a disrupter for ever supervisor he has worked under! Why would any vote for him. I have bees in the hall way of town hall and hear him tell one thing to a resident, like you have my support and when it came to a vote he went against the resident. Just like his latest Costco comments in a local paper, "I am in favor of Costco but I want it done right". He means no gas pumps because he is being bought by the one who has a monopoly in Yorktown.


I support the expansion of the JV Mall, should have been done when they first wanted to do it. While its somewaht empty, I'm sure Simon has a plan as they have centers everywhere. I hope this was voted on for the merits and not the Chamber of Commerce and there seemingly buddy buddy relationship with Grace as evidenced by a mailing with Grace & the Chair on the cover. As for the Chamber considering endorsing candidates I don't think it is a good precedent. Do other chambers do it?

Ralph Denardo:

Looking foward to it all Simon has done a wonderful job in Nanuet


Shouldn't you have stores in your mall before you expand it?


The new space is basically for restaurants outside the existing mall (mostly the Route 6 side near Macys). It's not like they are expanding the retail space.


I am sooo glad they are finally doing something with the space. It would be great to have a good food court with some new choices. I was just saying to my husband after visiting the Danbury Faire mall - it would be awesome if they made that mall with better dining because this area is hurting for it. That mall was the place to go back in the early 90s with Friendly's and other restaurants in it.


A small but hopeful sign.

Simon Properties (JV Mall) was able to get the brush cleared by the main mall entrance (Lee Blvd/Rt 6 SW corner) after a mere nine months of having the main artery into the shopping area overgrown.

Let us see what Simon can do with regard to populating the Food Court -- currently over HALF VACANT -- and in placing their restaurant tenant -- Bucco de Bepp (?) , which initially had a Fall 2012 launch date.
Small steps


Just think how things would have been different if the town board had not turned down the even larger expansion plans that were floated over a decade ago.


Sounds great! JV Mall is a ghost town these days...

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