Jobless Benefits Expire For Some Yorktown Residents Saturday

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Unemployment benefits end for more than 4,000 Westchester residents Saturday.
Unemployment benefits end for more than 4,000 Westchester residents Saturday. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- More than 4,000 Westchester County residents currently receiving jobless aid will stop receiving it as of Saturday, according to Congresswoman Nita Lowey after the U.S. Congress recessed for the year without extending long-term unemployment benefits.

Nationally, 1.3 million who have been unemployed for more than 26 weeks will be affected.

More than 100,000 residents in New York state will be affected by the end of benefits, according to

New York state's jobless rate shrank by 0.3-percent last month, but more than 700,000 New Yorkers are still without work.

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Comments (14)

So true

President Obama and his minions have been bragging about the millions of jobs his administration has "created". These people who are presumably "losing" their unemployment benefit, have plenty of opportunities available to them. Of course, I'm being sarcastic, because we know there have not been millions of jobs created by Obama - not in the U.S. certainly, but millions of jobs continue to be created in China and India, with U.S. dollars from U.S.-based corporations.
But at least people who are collecting unemployment benefits, did work at one time, unlike the generations of most welfare recipients. So maybe Congress can make a trade-off - cut off (reduce) welfare benefits to continue funding unemployment benefits.

and now new york city put a mayor in that is probably worse than obama ...its so ridiculously dumb that it borders scary

I'll be staying out of NYC starting January 1, because the rate of violent crime will increase, with the soft-on-crime DeBlasio in charge.

The Liberal faction of the Democrat Party is all about control and oppression, and one way to do it is to keep a large segment of the population unemployed and dependent on welfare handouts from the government.

thank your democratic party for totally enabling our economy scr#wing up our healthcare system spending endless amts of tax paying money and playing the blame game on Republicans... rather than fixing the economy and concentrating on growth they have made a society of unemployment and welfare ...yes Democrats

When can you apply for welfare after unemployment ends? Wish I had the brains and resources to start a company with all the NY talent idled by the recession. What a waste of amazing resources! Any ideas of what we could do/produce/manage?

You will see less and less full time jobs due to business not wanting to pay high premiums on insurance to full time workers due to Oboma care. Wait till all the new taxes take affect to pay for it next year. Hope everyone who voted you know who into office for another term are happy with themselves .

Where are the good jobs Governor Andrew Cuomo and his Democratic Party fellow travelers keep promising before their election to high office ?

If there were good jobs then this would be moot. But their HIGH TAXATION policy drives good jobs away along with people moving out of state.

Cuomo is another product of communism he isnt interested in making anything better

When does Unemployment benefits end and Welfare begins?

Js84, spoken like someone who has never gone through the humiliation & soul-crushing experience of losing a career because you were the one on the team who had most experience and education. I have a masters degree and 20+ years in my field. I was very flexible, a team player and did what I was told when I was told. I gave my all to my employer and those I served. You sound like you're a young man who thinks he has it all figured out & is untouchable--- all I can say is give it time, my will be your turn soon. And when some young punk tells you "get a job", I hope you remember the glib attitude you had with others today.

Just to clarify this, the benefits will end Dec. 29th 2013. That means claimants WILL be able to claim their benefit for the previous week. This is from the New York State Dept. of Labor website:

"Unless the U.S. Congress extends Unemployment Insurance Benefits, all Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits will end with the payment for the week ending December 29, 2013."

My understand is this means claimants will be able to put in a claim tomorrow and for some that will be the last claim they can make. However the news article seems to suggest that the claimants WON'T be able to claim their benefit on Sunday. I don't believe that's accurate.