Metro-North Engineers Reportedly Suspended Due To Safety Violations

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An ABC New York investigation revealed several Metro-North engineers were suspended for repeated safety violations.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Metro-North Railroad suspended several train engineers for repeated safety violations in the 18 months leading up to the fatal derailment in December in the Bronx an investigation by ABC New York found.

Documents obtained by ABC New York via the Freedom of Information Act showed Metro-North suspended 10 engineers for up to 61 days for serious safety violations such as running through red stop signals, the report said.

Ignoring red stop signals is a collision or other disaster waiting to happen, train experts told ABC New York.

The fatal derailment isn't the only problem Metro-North has endured over the last year. Another derailment in Connecticut injured dozens, and a power outage left the New Haven Line crippled for days are among the many problems for the beleaguered commuter rail.

It has also had to contend with multiple incidents of heavy delays and service cutbacks due to severe weather as well as human and mechanical errors.

Click here to read the full report by ABC New York and to watch the video.

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Comments (4)

Native New Yorker:

Imagine if this were a private enterprise our beloved lens / camera hound aka Senator Charles Schumer would be yelling and screaming for a public hearing. Then all the senior managers must be fired, put on trial for not doing their jobs.

Alas this is a GOVERNMENT enterprise that must be protected. As so many other government failures and frauds of late.

Chris P.:

"due to severe weather as well as human and mechanical errors."... Should read "due to total management failure." There's no excuse for the horrible service, danger and frustration that Metro North exposed its customers to.


And they only got suspended, not fired? Unbelievable.

Activist Bill:

Why were the engineers "running through red stop signals"? Were they asleep at the switch, texting on their phones, or maybe drugged up?

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