Mohegan Lake Man, 87, Drives Wrong Way On The Taconic

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An 87-year-old Mohegan Lake man will have his driving privileges reviewed after he reportedly drove the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway.
An 87-year-old Mohegan Lake man will have his driving privileges reviewed after he reportedly drove the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway. Photo Credit: File

PUTNAM VALLEY, N.Y. -- Southbound drivers on the Taconic State Parkway faced a scary sight around 2:30 p.m., Monday, as an elderly man reportedly drove his car northbound against the flow of traffic for almost three miles, state police said.

Police received multiple 911 calls that a car entered the southbound roadway at Pudding Street. Police said the1996 Nissan Altima forced several cars of the road and sideswiped a sport-utility vehicle, before crashing into a guide rail in the town of Kent.

No injuries were reported but the 87-year-old driver appeared to be disoriented, police said. He was taken to Putnam Hospital by the Putnam Valley Fire Department Rescue Squad for medical evaluation. Police said he did not appear to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

The Mohegan Lake man's driving privileges will be reviewed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. He was issued several tickets as a result of the crash investigation, including driving the wrong way on a controlled-access highway.

One southbound lane of the Taconic in the area of State Route 301 was closed for about an hour as State Police investigated the incident and the damaged vehicles were removed by tow trucks.

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@katarina.dirosa: Thank God I live here in America. I certainly don't want a doctor to be determining if I can drive or not. Since when did he become part of the DMV. They have enough problems diagnosing medical problems as it is. You should know when you can't drive anymore . My mother knew and turned in her drivers license . My neighbor did that also several years ago.
I am glad you come from a country that allows doctors to do that. We don't do that here yet but the way it is going in this country, I wouldn't be surprised that it is not written somewhere in the "affordable care act". We still don't know everything that is in there. .

I know this is America. I live here. And I agree with you that here, in NY, are more and more lousy drivers every day and American driving written test is so easy that a Finnish first grader kid would pass it. In Finland driving test last an hour, here, what 5-10 minutes? Only what you need to know here in driving test is D is drive and realize stop at the stop sign. That is pretty much it. You cannot even get a driving licence in Finland without knowing how to drive manual standard transmission because that is the basic. In Finland they also have separate winter driving tests where they teach how to handle the car in snowy and icy slippery roads. You do not see cars out of the roads like here when here comes a little bit snow.

You do not see old grannies in Finland driving by cars like here because doctors have decided them to be danger to other drivers.

Why people are not sent to a doctor's check up once they have reached a certain age? And if the doctor is not able to decide whether the person is able to drive, then send to driving test. To a real driving test and not drive around block and knowing D is drive. In Finland they do so.

"In Finland they do so" but this is America. There are more and more "bad" drivers licensed everyday. Have you taken a drivers test recently? How can you tell someones driving competency by a 5 minute driving test? The written test is a joke. If , katarina.dirosa, you want to compare countries then I would look to Germany . The requirements to drive a "lethal weapon" there are much tougher.
Why do I call it a lethal weapon, just remember over 32,000 killed in traffic accidents and with over 311,000 injuries in the year 2011 and that is down 2.5% .