Yorktown Declares Snow Emergency

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Members of Yorktown's Emergency Preparedness Committee, pictured Thursday night, announced that a snow emergency has been declared effective 3 p.m. Friday. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Yorktown has declared a snow emergency in anticipation of the dangerous conditions that winter storm Nemo could create, Supervisor Michael Grace said Friday afternoon.

The emergency period will go into effect at 3 p.m. During the emergency, any vehicle driving without snow tires or chains could be ticketed. Cars will also not be allowed to park in the road.

“If you get stuck it may cause incredible difficulty for us in clearing the roads. So we ask you – actually we don’t ask you, it’s mandatory,” Grace said. “It’s matter of law that you cannot be out without snow tires, chains or a vehicle capable of driving in snow.”

Grace said Yorktown is preparing for the worst, and said heavy winds could cause snowdrifts with accumulation as high as six to eight feet. He said any parked cars that prevent emergency crews from doing their job will be removed.

“If your car is in our way we will move it,” Grace said. “The method that we use, who knows? It may not be a tow.”

For the first time since the blizzard of 1996, Yorktown’s Highway Department will clear the roads with graders and wings attached to its trucks, said Highway Superintendent Eric DiBartolo. He said he expects the storm to end between 10 a.m. and noon Saturday, but said his crew will need around six to seven hours to clear everything.

“That’s something you need to understand,” DiBartolo said. “We get it all the time. The snow stops at 10 a.m. and people are calling at 10:15 ‘nobody has been on our road, I can’t get out of my house.’ We’re going to need a lot of time, especially with the magnitude of snow.”

The emergency shelter at the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center at 1974 Commerce St. is expected to open Saturday morning, Grace said.

“We should expect some power outages, and you need to report them directly to your electrical service provider,” Grace said.

Grace especially warned against driving late Friday into early Saturday when snowfall is expected to be at its heaviest.

"It’s the same as driving with your lights off. It’s just white instead of black," he said. “Please, whatever you do, be mindful that you need to take care of yourselves and your family.”

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Comments (3)


Agreed Mr. Bill...they had this press conference of which simply a robo call and email was all that was neccessary. I saw nothing further, no follow-up.
Kudos to the Highway Dept. I thought they did a great job.


I got 2 robo calls - one came thru with an area code 210 caller id, obviously a mistake, so they called back using the town hall number and left the message again.

As for plowing, my block (a cul de sac) was plowed but not clear pavement, there was still a layer of snow on the ground. Once I got to a more major road it was clear.


So, when was the snow emergency lifted? Has it been lifted? I never saw an announcement from the town. Am I driving my car illegally?

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