Yorktown Residents Pack Meeting On Sober Living Home

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Residents attended a meeting at Yorktown Town Hall to voice concerns over a proposed sober living home.
Residents attended a meeting at Yorktown Town Hall to voice concerns over a proposed sober living home. Photo Credit: File

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Yorktown residents  voiced concerns over a proposed sober living home in a meeting at Town Hall on Monday, Feb. 24, according to News 12 Westchester. 

The proposed Compass Westchester facility would house up to 14 recovering drug and alcohol addicts at a time in a private residence on Underhill Avenue, but the company requires a special permit from the town before it can move forward, News 12 Westchester reported. 

Residents who attended the meeting voiced concerns about general safety to the community as well as lack of government regulation since Compass is a private company, News 12 Westchester said. 

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Comments (4)

Have the owners or applicants made any political contributions to the campaigns of Mr Grace, Mr Murphy, Mr Bianco, Mr Patel ???
The present town board members should be required to disclose the receipt of any contributions from these people or any relationships that they have with the owners or applicants.

As a life coach, my job is to turn problems into acceptable solutions [a win-win]. Unfortunately, in this situation, there's going to be battle. IF THE NEW OWNER STATES 'WE DONT HAVE TO ANSWER THAT...' LEAVES ME WITH A VERY UNSETTLING FEELING IN MY GUT. Such statements do not engender trust. IT'S REPRESENTATIVE OF SOMEOME HIDING THE TRUTH. ----Do any of these residents have a criminal record? This is all about $profit, nothing altruistic ...
---If i cannot attend the March 4th meeting, anyone reading my comments, please bring my list of questions and present them to the Board.
1. All concerned , do your homework! What criteria/requirements have to be met to gain a special permit? What is the specific language of permit? Is there an expiration date? What do the laws and codes say relating to said purchase? WHO IS GOING TO MAINTAIN THE PROPERTY? WHO IS PAYING THE $7500 MONTHLY RENTAL? DO THEY HAVE JOBS? WHO PAYS THE TAXES? WHAT IS THE GOV'T INVOLVEMENT? MEDICAID? WHAT are STATE, FEDL LAWS GOVERNING SUCH A PURCHASE? 2. a psychologist will screen prospective residents. This does not make me comfortable at all. It takes 21 days to form patterns in our lives but sadly several years to break those patterns successfully. i would prefer assessments been done by a group of psychiatrists, social workers, and medical professionals well-versed in successful rehab.
3. How can we be assured 14 unrelated addicts can live harmoniously under one roof. EVEN LARGE FAMILIES WITHOUT ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS CANNOT. Then will we be taxing our policing resources? 4. Will there be any monitoring of the 14 residents... both physical, emotional... and by whom? 5. challenge the prospective buyer. lied once, lied twice n u want us to put trust in you?!. NO. i vote 'no.'

Arrogant Sober House Applicants Tell Yorktown Residents We Don’t Have To Answer Questions
February 25, 2014
To The Editor,
Tom McCrossan and Mark McGoldrick tried to defend their unwanted ambition to open a sober house at 482 Underhill Avenue at the Monday night informational meeting. The town hall board room was filled with residents who had legitimate concerns and wanted answers but often were told “We don’t have to answer that question.” For example when Tom’s son Devin claimed to have run a sober home in NYC but he refused to give (the Yorktown residents) any details about the name of the home, its location, or anything about his supposed experience as “operation manager.” Obviously, this information would be helpful to judge McCrossan’s claim that he has a resume we can examine other than just blindly believing and trusting his words. McCrossan also arrogantly told the Yorktown Planning Board and Town Board they will not receive the requested “Business Plan” for their sober house because “we don’t have to.” This was following McCrossan’s claim that “We are people of integrity” and “We have a right to open our business in Yorktown.” So even though they have claimed transparency throughout this process, the applicants will only release information they “have to” or “want to.” Most people in attendance took this to be McCrossan’s veiled threat that if the town tries to deny a special use permit McCrossan will go to any expense, legal or otherwise to force this down Yorktown’s throat. News 12 also provided the following in their report on the meeting, “The owners of the proposed facility say they will stop at nothing to get the special permit they need to transform the 8,000 square foot home into a sober house.”
Another very strange McCrossan claim was in response to a resident’s question as to “why don’t you open a sober home in your own home town of Bedford Village?” McCrossan essentially claimed “we can’t afford to purchase a home in Bedford.” However, a quick check of the LOHUD real estate data base (http://data.lohud.com/realestate/realestate_search.php) and internet search of “Tom McCrossan real estate purchases” shows McCrossan has purchased and sold many millions of dollars of expensive homes in Bedford and other Northern Westchester towns. This includes one from William Baldwin (the actor) which was purchased for approximately the same asking price of 482 Underhill Avenue and was sold by McCrossan at a million dollar profit. So the fact that McCrossan wants to hide that he is a real estate mogul proves his claim to be patently false.
In fact, it seems very possible to imagine that McCrossan has or currently is renting some or all of these unlicensed/unpermitted homes to substance abusers in recovery. NYS law allows opening a sober home without a permit as long as you house 6 or less abusers. Of course this is after McCrossan flatly denied last night ever previously owning or applying to operate a sober home. Devin McCrossan however, did reluctantly confirm he had used his parents Bedford home to rent to substance abusers in recovery after a Yorktown resident persistently asked this question.
So what this comes down to is that the 482 Underhill Avenue property has 3 buildings with at least 9 bedrooms that can be filled with at least 14 clients paying $7,500 per month. McCrossan’s constant claim that, “We’re not in this to maximize profits” is just not believable. As Mark McGoldrick told the audience last night “This is a simple business to run”. Well, with Dr. Washton’s wealthy NYC clientele filling the bedrooms and McCrossan and McGoldrick pulling in $1.2 million a year it’s a veritable gold mine for this new business in our neighborhood!
The evening ended after one of the Yorktown residents reminded everyone not to forget there can be no restrictions placed on the special use permit since the applicants can always fall back on “We’re a sober house protected by federal law.” The only question yet to be answered is how will Yorktown’s elected officials react to the March 4th Public Hearing? We can only pray they will apply the town code correctly and won’t be intimidated by the arrogance of these interloping applicants.
Sincerely yours,
Nick Toumanios
Louisa Sigillo
Chris Stendardi
Al French

I commend these neighbors for their fight. This letter provided more information than all our local newspapers combined.
According to the examiner news, the applicants stated... We're not here to try to gain your trust. We have nothing to hide"
Unfortunately, TRUST is the one of the biggest concerns about this application. We are being asked to TRUST that these applicants, who have minimal if any experience in this area, know what they are doing. We are being asked to TRUST that this business will not affect the local homeowners. How do the applicants know that this will not affect the neighborhood or future residential sales???? Why should we TRUST these applicants just because they are so-called upright citizens with so-called good intentions??? What if they sell the business or the building in the future when we have a different town board in place??
The fact remains that the applicants want to put a Business inside what should be a single family residence (regardless of the building's history as a school for disabled children). It really doesn't matter the nature of the business because the precedent will already have been set.
This house was on and off the market for the past 2 years and for some reason the house did not sell. One could only imagine that this was the best offer if not the only offer to purchase this house. Unfortunately, this is a business decision that is good for the owners and prospective buyers but is not good for the homeowners and taxpayers of Yorktown.
Even though I do not live in the neighborhood, I strongly urge the town board to vote against this special use permit. All citizens of yorktown should be concerned about this application.