Yorktown Votes To Keep Fluoride In Drinking Water

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Jennifer Blair and Benjamin Dancygier, dentists at Valley Pediatrics in Jefferson Valley, said fluoride in the drinking water is effective in preventing tooth decay. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser
Yorktown resident and dentist Carl Tegtmeier spoke in favor of fluoride at Tuesday night's meeting. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser
From left: Council member Terrence Murphy, Supervisor Michael Grace, and Council member Vishnu Patel voted in favor of fluoride at Tuesday night's meeting. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Fluoride will remain in Yorktown's drinking water, the town board decided Tuesday night.

After nearly two hours of testimonials from local dentists and residents, the Yorktown Town Board voted 3 to 1 to make the necessary repairs at its facilities and continue the practice of fluoridating its water.

About a dozen dentists, pediatricians and health professionals spoke in favor of fluoride and cited numerous scientific reports of its effectiveness in preventing cavities, tooth decay and other diseases. Among the speakers was Westchester County Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler.

"The Center for Disease Control has declared that fluoridation is one of the 10 most important public health achievements of the 20th century. So that tells you where the Center of Disease Control places their faith in this," Amler said. "We've been drinking fluoridated water in this country for about 65 years. So it has a long track record of safety."

Proponents of fluoride said the decision should be based on facts and science, and were outspoken against anti-fluoride groups they say have not provided enough factual evidence that it is harmful.

"We're talking about science. There is science grounded in scientific method, and there's something else, something we call 'junk science,'" said Yorktown resident and dentist Carl Tegtmeier. "Junk science is opinion that gets quoted from press release and letters to the editor, or half-truths cherry-picked out of context from scientific articles."

Only one member of the public, a resident from Croton-on-Hudson, spoke out against the practice, saying it's difficult to regulate fluoride intake when it is added to the water supply.

The town temporarily discontinued the fluoridation of its water earlier this month for repairs at its Catskill and Amawalk facilities.

Supervisor Michael Grace said the repairs would be significant capital investments - between $150,000 and $250,000 - and the town wanted to hear from its residents before moving forward. 

The overwhelming support at Tuesday night's meeting was enough for Grace to vote in favor of the investments.

"At this point, I would make a motion to getting the repairs done," he said. "I’ve heard enough."

Grace and Council members Vishnu Patel and Terrence Murphy voted in favor of the repairs. Council member Dave Paganelli voted against the repairs. Council member Nick Bianco was not present.

Paganelli said he did not base his 'no' vote on the pros and cons of the health benefits of fluoride, but questioned whether it is something that should be forced on residents.

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It's a pity that nyscof, drsusan.rubin,fluorideispoisson, and ron.eheman chose to absent themselves from the actual hearing that our Town Board sponsored last Tuesday night. Certainly the charges they make here might have been countered by some people who did attend this meeting and are credentialed to speak on the issues.


I wouldn't post here anymore but "LongTime" makes it appear that fluoridation cessation may still be an option. So I will continue to educate.

Here’s some of what’s occurred since fluoridation began in 1945 promising to lower tooth decay, put dentists out of business and save millions of dollars annually on dental care:

1) Dental expenditures increased, along with the number of dental professionals, dental schools, and industry profits. Fluoridated toothpaste is a multi-billion dollar international market. The dental products industry is probably a multi-trillion dollar international market. Tooth decay is big business.

2) Even with 73.9% of the U.S. population receiving fluoridated water, the incidence and severity of children's primary tooth decay increased (CDC).

3) Fluoride overdose afflicts up to 60% of US adolescents with dental fluorosis (white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth). Early fluoridationists said only 10% would get mild fluorosis Black and Mexican-American children suffer significantly higher rates of the more severe forms (CDC)

4)The National Research Council revealed in 2006 that even low doses of fluoride can harm the thyroid gland, kidney patients, babies and those who drink lots of water.

5) 36 studies link fluoride to children’s lowered IQ - some at levels the US deems safe. Early fluoridationists didn’t consider fluoride/brain effects (or kidney, cancer and thyroid effects).

6) Fluoride collects in the pineal gland (up to 21,000 ppm) located in the middle of the brain

7) formula-fed infants receive up to 250 times more fluoride than breast-fed infants

Fluoride supplements are classified as unapproved drugs by the FDA which reports “this drug has not been found by FDA to be safe and effective,” because no safety experiments were ever performed on fluoride ingestion.


ATTENTION YORKTOWN RESIDENTS: Please be aware that all media items posted on the fluoridation subject will be flooded with comments from extremist anti-fluoridation groups that distort the truth and try to scare the public. Please be aware that there are reliable websites for you to review that contain peer reviewed, evidence based scientific information. These include:

Fluoride Science http://www.fluoridescience.org/

I Like My Teeth http://www.ilikemyteeth.org/

American Dental Association http://www.ada.org/fluoride.aspx

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/

For 65 years, community water fluoridation has been a safe and healthy way to effectively prevent tooth decay. CDC has recognized water fluoridation as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.


Here's a great film for both dentists and Yorktown citizens alike.

Bob Loblaw:

Yorktown 1--Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists 0


We applaud Yorktown for trying to do the right thing. It probably would have been a good idea to send a pamphlet to all constituents with the pros and cons of fluoridation. Clearly, the residents either weren't told the down side of fluoridation or else they would have showed up.

I would be interested to know of the source of information used by all those dentists and pediatricians who claim fluoridation is safe and effective. If it all comes from one source, than it is one opinion.

They each should have no problem signing a statement taking responsibility for any ill effects any Yorktown resident has from consuming fluoride via the water supply, inhaling it in showers and cold mist humidifiers

If anyone of them won't sign such a statement, then they really aren't 100% sure fluoridation is safe for everyone and they are just repeating what they've been taught to say.

fluoride is poison:

Please, reporter Brian Marshauser, do your homework! The quotes from the CDC originated from material written by a dentist who had not published any papers on fluoride before, and an economist. Neither of them had any credentials in toxicology, which is what is required to accurately assess the dangers of this poison..
Our little Calif. seaside town voted out water fluoridation after 44 years of ingesting this poison - Hydrofluosilicic Acid - HFSA for short a toxic industrial waste product. Our children had 70% cavities (per local dentist), high obesity, low test scores and our cancer, thyroid disease, diabetes and kidney disease are extremely high across the board. In 2011, one 17 yr old died of osteosarcoma, a rare bone disease linked to fluoride ingestion.
It is not unusual that your council members, like ours, did not do their homework either. Just consider for a moment that your water dept is dispensing medication, not taking health histories, probably not giving out a listing of side-effects (everything from fluorosis - the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning to seizures for those severely allergic to this poison), and not regulating the dose. For those allergic to medications containing fluoride like CIPRO, there is the added danger.
All in all, I would say that your professionals are pretty much like ours were until they started researching HFSA and that the NSF, and the providers/suppliers/distributors of "fluoride" cannot vouch for it's safety and effectiveness. Just call or write to your supplier and see if they will supply just one toxicological report, listing of contaminants or proof that their products is safe and effective for all water consumers from infants to seniors. Answer, they won't. How do I know? I wrote to over 40 of them in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
After serving on the city council for 4 years, I'm proud to say one of my greatest accomplishments was helping to get this poison voted out by an educated public from our drinking water by placing a moratorium until our supplier provides all the information requested.
Lastly, follow the money trail. It's never been about saving kids teeth. It's all about the money and the millions saved by not dumping toxic industrial waste appropriately, but instead using our populace as the filtering systems for this poison. Even the EPA and CDC admits fluoride works topically, not systemically. Even the EPA admitted in 2011 that 41% of our nations teens
now have fluorosis which is why they adjusted the dose down to .7ppm.
So a big pat on the back for Council member Dave Paganelli for voting against this. He's on the right track.
What a waste of $150,000-$250,000 of your money. That's a real tragedy in today's economy.


I agree with dentist Carl Tegtmeier. "Junk science is opinion that gets quoted from press release and letters to the editor, or half-truths cherry-picked out of context from scientific articles."

The simplest way to dispel with all the "junk science" ? Produce the factual evidence that the National Sanitation Foundation International requires to approve fluoridation chemicals.

The ANSI/NSF Standard 60 will prove the safety of fluorosilicic acid with the following:

, toxicity data to be considered shall include but not be limited to, assays of genetic toxicity, acute toxicity …, short term toxicity …, subchronic toxicity …, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, chronic toxicity (including carcinogenicity), and human data (clinical, epidemiological, or occupational) when available. To more fully understand the toxic potential of the substance, supplemental studies shall be reviewed, including, but not limited to, mode or mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, sensitization, endocrine disruption, and other endpoints, as well as studies using routes of exposure other than ingestion. Structure activity relationships, physical and chemical properties, and any other chemical specific information relevant to the risk assessment shall also be reviewed. … A weight-of-evidence approach shall be employed in evaluating the results of the available toxicity data. This approach shall include considering the likelihood of hazard to human health and the conditions under which such hazard may be expressed. A minimum data set consisting of a gene mutation assay, chromosomal aberration assay, and a subchronic toxicity study shall be required for the performance of a quantitative risk assessment.

So lets quit quibbling, publish the studies in this paper so that everyone can see for themselves that fluoride is "safe and effective".

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