Yorktown's Fallen Tree Pick-Up Plan Hits A Snag

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Yorktown was unable to find a company to pick up and remove trees that are marked with a white 
Yorktown was unable to find a company to pick up and remove trees that are marked with a white X."

YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Many marked trees that fell during Hurricane Sandy will not be immediately picked up because Yorktown could not find an outside company to take on the job.

The town put out a request for proposal in December, but Town Board member Nick Bianco said not a single company bid for the contract because of prevailing wage costs under government contracts.

“Basically what happens is, I was talking to one of the tree guys in town and he said ‘I would have to pay my guys $75 an hour because they’re doing work for the town, when I normally only pay them $40 an hour," he said.

Yorktown's Highway Department has been assisting with the pick-up in the interim, but the department does not have the resources to move the larger trees. Bianco said the Town Board has not held detailed discussions about the next step in the tree pick-up.

“The Highway Department has been doing as much as it can," Bianco said. "And we need to figure out something else.”

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Comments (8)

The law needs to be changed.

The pervailing wage has cost the taxpayers of Yorktown fortune. Do you remember when the old lady was supervisor and she talked about a repair on then YCCC. I believe it was a gutter repair, that should have cost $500.00 but because of prevailing wages it ran us $1500.00. Just add 30% to and price you may get.

What happened to putting out a bid and take the lowest one? It has worked over the years, hasn't it?

See "not a single company bid for the contract". Who do you pick in that case?

So pay them $40/hr. What is the problem? It looks like the "prevailing wage" is NOT $75/hr, is it? I do think that this "law" needs to be revisited!!!

I don't think the tree shown in the picture is one of those affected, is it? I think most of them are already cut into large pieces, and not on private property, as the one in the photo is.

No, the picture is simply a file photo of a fallen tree in Yorktown after Hurricane Sandy. It was not marked with a white X and was not going to be picked up by the town. Only trees in the town's right-of-way were going to be picked up.

Tells you something about what the prevailing wage law has done to taxpayers