Letter: Yorktown Board Members Must Honor Duties

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Dear Editor:

As a mother and grandmother, I try to always teach the little ones in our family the importance of telling the truth. After all, as President Lincoln famously said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

It seems two of our Town Board members need to be reminded of this because their persistent unwillingness to honor their duties as elected officials has come to a breaking point. In November, the town of Yorktown overwhelmingly re-elected Supervisor Grace for a second term, clearly endorsing the direction our town had been heading in -- mainly job creation, much-needed infrastructure improvements and historic tax cuts for property owners.

Unfortunately, a back-room deal between Councilman Bianco and Councilman Patel has skirted any further progress by their unwillingness to even participate in an open process to fill the crucial fifth seat on our Town Board.

Don’t believe me? Supervisor Grace and Councilman Murphy crossed the aisle to nominate Rich Campanaro, a registered Democrat who was endorsed by the Democratic, Conservative, Independence and Working Family parties and who also received the third-highest vote total for the Town Board race this past November behind Councilman Murphy and Councilman Patel.

One would think Councilman Bianco and Councilman Patel, who ran with Campanaro, would welcome him onto the board as an ally. In an apparent protest, Councilman Bianco and Councilman Patel took their toys and went home when the vote was taken. If that was not enough, Supervisor Grace and Councilman Murphy yet again nominated another Democrat in former Yorktown Justice Illan Gilbert and yet AGAIN Councilman Bianco and Councilman Patel abstained from the vote, refusing to even partake in the process.

Their reason? A fifth vote will jump-start the town and move it in the direction the voters clearly wanted in November.

Now, if people are going to start pointing fingers over this mess, let’s make sure they are pointed in the right direction because despite their best efforts, Councilman Bianco and Councilman Patel cannot fool all of us all of the time.

Serafina Mastro
Chair, Yorktown GOP

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Comments (5)

I don't remember ever seeing so many people changing parties back and forth, in my lifetime. They change parties more often than I change my underwear. When you take the nomination from a political party you would assume that you follow their general principals. Not so in Yorktown. The democratic party and the republican party are different and have different philosophies. The plain and simple differences are in taxes and how much the government intrudes into your life. So that when I see candidates switch parties for their own convenience, I wonder just what do they really believe in? We see a town councilmen who parades as a " conservative" but is not really. Republicans who were last year Democrats and vice versa.
This goes along with their political handouts. Notice that they never have their party affiliation in bold print. Are they afraid to state their party affiliation ? Do you really believe in your parties principles and practices? You need a core belief, a foundation. It does NOT mean you must vote the party line but at least have a base belief.
This mess has to be cleaned up. We need an odd number of councilman to get things done.

Maybe when Mastro is talking to her grandchildren she does tell them the truth, but I guess we have to make do with half-truths. If she were going to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then she would tell us about the back room deals that Grace has cut with Campanero. And with Tom Diana, who rumor has it has also switched parties. Over a dozen qualified candidates have put their names forward -- of all parties. Why are Grace and Ms. Mastro harping on the one candidate who, by the way he ran his campaign and his opportunism, has shown that he is the least qualified for the position? It was obvious from the last meeting that even Grace's fellow Republican, Terrence Murphy, is fed up with the way the Supervisor is acting. Ms. Mastro should stick with reading fairy tales to her grandchildren, if this is her idea of 'telling the truth.'

My trash is still getting picked up, police are still doing their job, business at town hall is still getting done. Perhaps having a split board forces them to come to reasonable compromises. Let's leave the seat vacant and save that money for a special election, should we need the funds. Serafina lauds the direction the town is taking which includes a nearly million dollar accounting error for the NYS pension payments we were informed of a couple weeks ago. Do more with less, just like most businesses have been doing since 2008. What won't get done with that seat vacant, Serafina? I watch all town board meetings. Not too much controversy that I see.

Let's put this in perspective; Campinaro (who was a Republican then switched to the Dems because the Rep wouldn't give him the nomination), will switch back to the GOP because his vote will always be with grace & murphy...once again they'll take control and pass every agenda they have!! Tom Diana, another Dem who wants to convert to the GOP party, why? Because there's a connection with grace and he'll vote with grace & murphy. I'm sorry that Lani Gilbert was not approved as in my opinion he's the only candidate who will vote his own way and not give grace & murphy the deciding vote they want!! However, the vote should have been brought before the public after the 90 day expiration of Paganelli's seat. We don't need any law to be passed by the board or any town attorney!! Anyone in the Town Clerks Office,with authority could have called the Board of Elections and alerted them the need for a public vote. Let's just get the voting machines out there and let everyone interested in this vacant seat get the required signatures and be placed on the ballot. It's about time to take the politics out of filling a position and let the election process begin!!!

Rumor has it that Campanaro is switching parties to the GOP, thought I might see that in the GOP Chair's letter, but thats merely a rumor. I wondered why Grace & Mr Par 3 did not nominate the GOP candidate who ran previously....