Letter: Yorktown Board Members Must Honor Their Commitment

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To the editor:

Welcome to the never-ending world of dysfunctional politics in Yorktown.

The Town Board is still deadlocked regarding the vacant board position and one of the previous candidates has defected to the opposing party. It is becoming more difficult for the voters to assess the philosophies and allegiances of our local politicians. Our local Democratic and Republican parties are playing political games and public trust has eroded.

Switching political parties is nothing new in Yorktown politics. This precedent of self-centered political opportunism has served to benefit the political candidates over the years with little benefit to the citizens. Did these politicians change their political viewpoints when they switched parties? Are these politicians going to support their new party in the coming elections? Will these politicians support the national platforms of their newly adopted parties or will they be independent thinkers?

The public has a right to know where all of our politicians stand on national issues such as war, gun control, taxes, crime, abortion, gay marriage, healthcare, etc., as well as local issues. National issues and party allegiances do affect local politics and vice versa.

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it entirely legal for wealthier citizens and corporations to “buy” elections with unlimited campaign contributions. The average voter has become disenfranchised. There are several contentious issues the board will decide in the coming months. The public has a right to know if any of our current politicians or prospective candidates received campaign contributions from relevant parties such as Costco, Compass Westchester, Depot Square, attorneys, developers, public relations firms, etc. All local politicians, including prospective candidates, need to release their lists of political donors for public scrutiny.

Our local politicians need to reaffirm their commitments to the citizens of Yorktown first and foremost and not to their respective political parties or donors.

Miriam D. Messing Curtin

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What Miriam fails to tell you when she posts this [The U.S. Supreme Court has made it entirely legal for wealthier citizens and corporations to “buy” elections with unlimited campaign contributions.] is that George Soros, the labor unions , Peter Lewis, and Steyer, Thomas & F. & Kathryn Ann " next generation" $20,453,034 contribute many more dollars than these big bad corporations. Does she fail to mention them or does she not know that they contribute so much money to the democratic party. ? She has no problem when a union backs a candidate and contributes to their campaign, does she? Why because she in fact is a Democratic operative at least follows the DNC talking points. She does not call the town council out for trying to link their future raises to the raises that are given in the union contracts.
Seems to me that she is the one with the agenda, to silence those who are not in agreement with the democrats. There are the people like Harry Reid that want to limit our first amendment rights. It seems that the supreme Court agrees with the little people like you and me still have the right to contribute to whom we want to. There are more than enough laws on the books to limit contributions to political parties. Maybe they might try enforcing the ones already on the books?