Trucker In Kennedy Crash Accepts Plea For Lesser Charge

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The truck driver who was struck by Kerry Kennedy (pictured) has pleaded to a lesser charge.
The truck driver who was struck by Kerry Kennedy (pictured) has pleaded to a lesser charge. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

ARMONK, N.Y. –- Rocco Scuiletti, the truck driver whose vehicle was struck by Kerry Kennedy in July, has accepted a plea bargain that carries a fine of $130 to avoid trial on his original charge of leaving the scene of an accident, according to the North Castle Town Court.

Scuiletti, 47 of Poughkeepsie, pleaded guilty Nov. 16 to disobeying a traffic device, a violation. Scuiletti was scheduled to begin trial in the North Castle Town Court on Nov. 30.

Police say Scuiletti was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after he was knowingly struck by Kennedy's Lexus while driving his tractor-trailer July 13 on Route 684, and he failed to report it to authorities. 

Shorty after the crash, Kennedy was arrested on Route 22 in Armonk and charged with driving under the influence. After Kennedy originally blamed her erratic driving on a seizure, a toxicology report showed that she had trace amounts of a prescription sleep-aid drug in her system at the time. 

Kennedy pleaded not guilty to her DUI charge and is scheduled to appear in North Castle Town Court on Jan. 15. 

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Wish the Kennedy’s would just go away, time after time have demonstrated their holier than thou attitude that they are above the rules that govern the rest of us. Even John, John thinking he had such superior skills to fly with so little experience under the conditions of that night when he was offered the services of a professional pilot. The biggest fraud of all is Robert Kennedy Jr. when the proposal for windmills in Nantucket Sound was presented he and the rest of the clan protested loudly and long, as it would ruin their views, yet he goes around telling everyone else to put one in their front yard. Talk about chutzpah.

Are you serious The Truth or are you trying to get things going?If she really does get a change of venue I for one will have both of my irish eyes on the judge.:o))

Only Kennedy's can have the truth twisted to their benefit; e.g. look at Uncle Teddy with the death of Mary Jo Kopecni, what a twisted tale.

They have the "charm" aka money, money, money, and the "Press" fronting for them all the time.

Mr. Anthony above should beware selective memory. William Kennedy Smith had to defend a rape charge in 1991. Mr. Smith, now Dr. Smith, was acquitted, but he had the economic and emotional cost of legal jeopardy. I feel that the district attorney brought the case for fear of political retribution for favoring a Kennedy. The accusation itself was absolutely ridiculous.

By the way, I disliked Edward and Robert Kennedy, and I despise Robert Kennedy Jr.

wait, what? she was stoned, hit him, was arrested for dwi and HE has to pay? I am sure they will also somehow find the nurses at NWH guilty of attempted murder. Ahh Kennedyland, like Candyland for priviledged adults

Wow-you know it's possible that she will end up pleading "guilty" to a lesser charge, as the truck driver did-makes both of the equally at fault, even thought she caused the accident, and was really the one who left the scene of the accident (what was the truck driver to do-pull over and hope that the police caught up with her?)

is it true Kerry Kennedy asked for a change of venue to Mt. Kisco with Judge Donohue presiding. Ms Kennedy argued that she cannot get a fair trial in North Castle because there are no Irish judges.