Yorktown Firehouse 'Adopting' Breezy Point Brethren

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My Brother Vinny, a Yorktown charity group, is looking for donations to bring to Hurricane Sandy-ravaged firehouses.
My Brother Vinny, a Yorktown charity group, is looking for donations to bring to Hurricane Sandy-ravaged firehouses. Photo Credit: My Brother Vinny

YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Yorktown Heights Engine Company #1 and charity organization My Brother Vinny teamed up to donate supplies to still-recovering firehouses that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Paula Miritello, founder of My Brother Vinny, and Yorktown firefighter Kenny Beck recently delivered thermals, hats, and gloves to the Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department and the Island Park Volunteer Fire Department. Weather permitting, they will deliver couches, chainsaws and more Sunday.

"It’s later when you feel you’re more alone, because everyone comes at the beginning," Miritello said of the Hurricane-ravaged areas. "They both suffered tremendous loss and are currently at different stages of the rebuild."

Miritello said Point Breeze Chief John Fahy gave her a tour of his dilapidated fire house, where 15 men, most of whom lost homes through floods and fires, slept on FEMA cots. She said walls were ripped down and in need of Sheetrock

"They have lost their homes and they are trying to rebuild the best they can," Miritello said.

Wish list items My Brother Vinny is asking for include:

  • Men's clothing - Large, XL, 1X, 2X and 3XL - sweatshirt, large size pants, sweatpants, thermals, t-shirts, undershirts,  and socks.
  • Shoes – gently used; Chief Fahy is size 14.
  • Food.
  • Equipment – water cans, fire extinguishers,  chainsaws, fire hose.
  • Counter height chairs/barstools
  • Water.
  • Cleaning Supplies – garbage bags, Rubbermaid containers, paper towels.
  • Construction help – Volunteers to Sheetrock.

To donate contact Fire Commissioner Martin McGannon (mmcgannon@yorktownfire.org), Beck (firehog@optonline.net), firefighter Rich weber (rweber135@gmail.com) and Miritello (914-299-2106 or mybrothervinny@yahoo.com).

Items can also be donated from 6 to 9 p.m. Feb. 13 at Yorktown Fire House Barn on Commerce Street with the Yorktown Junior Corp.

For more information visit the fire company's website and My Brother Vinny's Facebook page.

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Comments (3)

Important Date 2nd Breezy Point Fire House Deliver is on for 2/10/13 - Yorktown Heights Engine Company #1 & My Brother Vinny will be going to Breezy Point tomorrow to bring the first batch of supplies and food to the Point Breeze Fire Department and also meet with Roxbury and Rockaway Point!!

We are leaving from Yorktown Fire House in the am. We will also be collecting during the week additional items wed 2/13 6 to 9 pm at the Yorktown Heights Fire House Commerce Street. Food donors, let's coordinate pick up and drop off times. You can bring food to Fire house tomorrow am if you are able to travel or contact me and we can work something out! :)

Thank you Brian for posting the article and always being an valuable source of community news.

Yorktown Heights Engine Company #1 is truly the best in the community! They always lend an hand an support a variety of charities. We are actually bringing couches, chains saws and other items by hopefully weather permitting Sunday. We wil be collecting other items on Wed 2/13 - 6 to 9 at Yorktown Heights Fire House Commerce Street. The Junior Corp will be on hand to assist people.

Please make sure you try to look through clothing over the next few days. They do not need tons, but a substantial amount of mens clothing would help them and if not needed past the plea. I will rehome with shelters and homeless since mens clothing is the most needed.