Yorktown Police Investigate String Of Car Break-Ins

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Yorktown police are investigating nearly a dozen reported car break-ins, said Lt. Robert Noble. Photo Credit: File

YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Items from nearly a dozen Yorktown cars have been reported stolen in recent weeks, said Lt. Robert Noble.

Yorktown police are currently investigating eight larcenies in various residential neighborhoods, Noble said. The break-ins occurred overnight and many of the cars were left unlocked. In the past week, thefts have been reported at Mohansic Avenue, Hilltop Road, Cordial Road and Campbell Road.

Two cars parked at Club Fit at 600 Bank Road were also broken into, Noble said. The thefts occurred around 7:15 a.m. Thursday. Noble said the suspect was in the progress of a third break-in when he was interrupted and drove away.

The suspect was reportedly driving a 2012 white BMW 6 Series.

A Mac laptop and a purse were reported stolen from the Club Fit thefts. Noble believes the suspect was watching the victims park and took note of where they left specific items in the cars.

Noble asks residents to lock their vehicles, to pay attention to their surroundings, and to not leave valuable in plain sight. Any information or suspicious activity should be reported to police headquarters at 914-962-4141.

There is no evidence that the any of the residential and Club Fit larcenies are related, Noble said.

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Francis T McVetty:

The suspect was reportedly driving a 2012 white BMW 6 Series. I guess crime does pay after all.


This dude is going to have a field day on Black Friday/Thanksgiving with all the cars parked for Toys R Us.

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