Costco Hearing Takes Center Stage In Yorktown

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Yorktown resident Jim McKean has spoken out in opposition regarding the proposed Costco at 3200 Crompond Road. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser
Yorktown resident Rich Leahy, who owns the property proposed for the Costco store, said local businesses should embrace competition. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser
Yorktown groups of supporters and opponents of the proposed Costco have formed in anticipation of the Oct. 15 public hearing. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser

YORKTOWN, N.Y. - A public hearing for a proposed Costco Wholesale Club at 3200 Crompond Road begins Monday night when the Yorktown Planning Board reviews the company’s draft environmental impact statement.

The 151,000-square-foot superstore proposal has drawn both strong supporters and opponents.

Opponents have created a website ( and protested with the phrase "Costco is not a done deal." The group believes Costco will increase traffic, hurt local businesses and bring a number of other environmental concerns, such as increased storm water runoff, increased air pollution and increased light pollution.

A supporting group called Citizens for a Progressive Yorktown has argued competition only can help other businesses in town, including the neighboring BJ's Wholesale Club. The group also believes traffic concerns are overblown and said the state Department of Transportation has entered into a public/private partnership with Costco to make improvements along Route 202. 

Monday's hearing will focus on the 2,200-page draft environmental impact statement, which is available for download on the town's website. Residents will have the opportunity to publicly speak or submit written comments to the planning board on issues relating to the document.

The hearing will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Nutrition Center Room at the Yorktown Community & Cultural Center at 1974 Commerce St. The hearing was moved from the board's regular meeting space in Room 104 in anticipation of the large turnout.

The hearing is expected to extend beyond Monday's meeting, and planning board members have assured residents all comments – written or verbal – will be heard.

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Comments (2)

Don Peters Jr:

I hope your right but I just don't see it. Costco will add to the traffic on 202 and because of the gas pumps will add more than four times as many cars on 202 than Bj's.
I wish there was a way the Dot could put in 2 lanes in each direction because just adding a turning lane to part of 202 won't help.


I am for Costco, the location as it stands now is a recipe for disaster. As for it hurting small business, it just might if they are unfair. Before Staples opened I used to buy 500 count envelopes on Rt 6 at a stationary store at about $20- then, today at Staples they are $7 years later...I don't mind paying a little more but not to such an extreme. After years and years of seemingly being anti business, finally the town realizes we need new revenues... We already suffer from Cortlandt Town Center traffic and get zilch, Costco will not be anywhere near that amount of traffic. Is BJ's a problem?

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