Yorktown Councilman Seeks Highway Superintendent Job

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Just 14 months into his career as an elected official, Council member Dave Paganelli is looking to run for another Yorktown office.
Just 14 months into his career as an elected official, Council member Dave Paganelli is looking to run for another Yorktown office. Photo Credit: Dave Paganelli

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Yorktown Council member Dave Paganelli, elected to the Town Board in 2011, is looking to take on a new role and run for the vacant Highway Department superintendent position this November.

“I think it’s a very good fit for me,” Paganelli said. “It gives me the ability to be around, taking care of constituent problems. Over 80 percent of the problems we deal with on the board are highway issues.”

Paganelli will seek the endorsement of the Republican Town Committee. If he does not obtain the endorsement, he would have the option of running in a primary or dropping his candidacy and returning to the board. Paganelli said he will keep his options open.

The relatively new council member believes his nearly three decades of management experience makes him an ideal candidate for the superintendent position.

“I feel it feeds into my strong suit, which is management and constituent response,” he said.

Paganelli started at Travelers Rest restaurant in 1980 as a waiter but moved his way up to manager in 1983. He remained in the position until 2002, when he leased the restaurant and became the owner/operator. He chose not to renew the lease in 2012.

Eric DiBartolo, who has been highway superintendent since 1996, said earlier this year he would not seek re-election.

“I don’t think I would have run against him, to be honest with you,” Paganelli said. “But the opening’s there. I think he’s done a very good job. I think in the next four years we can continue to move Yorktown forward.”

Paganelli praised DiBartolo’s performance and said he hopes to keep Yorktown’s roads in the same shape he’s leaving them.

“It’s an amazing difference when you come from Somers or Cortlandt into Yorktown,” he said. “You can tell you’re in Yorktown.”

If Paganelli were to be elected, his seat on the Town Board would be vacated, and the board would appoint a replacement. That appointee would have to run in a special 2014 election to finish out the term. Paganelli’s seat will be up for its usual four-year term in the 2015 election, and his replacement would have to run again, if he or she desired.

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Comments (12)

My street looks like Beirut. Whoever takes over, please take care of the streets in Yorktown.

My apologies Steve... I was not trying to be disrespectful. I am tired of these so called politicians that get elected to a position and then half way through their term they decide to use it as a spring board for something else. Dave is a nice guy. However, he is just like all the other politicians that think they are something more than they actually are. Yes he has run a successful restaurant (and a damn good one at that) but that doesn't mean he should be a candidate for a position he knows very little about. I hate when politicians switch parties so they can run for office. Now if his credentials included an engineering degree, running a construction company, a general contractor, etc., I might support his endeavors. Don't you think that the present salary involved ($125,000) is a motivating factor. It's like having gold fever. Everyone wants to be come a gold miner because they watch "Gold Rush Alaska." Everyone thinks they can do something they are not qualified to do. I wish the town board would esablish job requirements other than "having to live within the boundaries of the Town of Yorktown." The position is an important one. That's why I supported having a DPW and doing away with the elected position of highway superintendent. Perhaps if the present town board got wise and set the highway superintendent's salary at $70-75K, less people would run for that office. They should set requirements that the candidate for the position must have at least some background for the job; engineering, construction, budgeting, management, etc.. I'm afraid that unless they do, we as taxpayers will lose again.

Well stated. You should defnitely have qualifications to run for this office. Maybe history shows someone who did not and was able to do a good job with their crew who knew what to do. I do not have that much history to say either way. The current salary is not out of the question if you are qualified. It is a position that you take a lot of opinions from the public. Hey like I said has the YELLOW Paint been on backorder for 4 years?

@have it - I was just being poilite. Posted by: haveityourway is just as good as saying posted by annonymous. I said it was "surprising" announcement. Please don't take it in any way as an endorsement for Dave Pagnelli for highway superintendent. I said the people will be smart enough to make the right choice. Voting for that is where we should make a judgement, and it is not for us to judge one's motives when it comes to charity. Yes , write off etc. A way to bring in clients, yes. Good for his restaurant, yes. Good for the charities using his restaurant, yes. Running a business not easy no matter what it is, especially these days. One one person knows what is really in the person's heart and intentions. Dave knows Dave, You know you, and I know me.

I have goose bumps reading about the charity events hosted at his restuarant. Don't you people realize that nothing is done for FREE. Those charity event are written off as charitable donations for tax purposes. Nothing is for FREE. Greg Bernard, Steve Gardner and Martin McGannon are all more qualified than Paganelli. "Truth" hit it on the head when he/she wrote how Mr. Paganelli jumps from party to party to get an endorsement. Hey, vote for me... I'll do the job for $70 thousand. I won't show up for work and I'll make sure that MY driveway is plowed using town equipment and your tax dollars. I also promise to spend your money on nonsense items and promise not to spend one cent more on things like paving streets, cleaning out culverts or fixing worn out dams. Hell, I don't even have a CDL license but can spell C..D..L.. At least I'm honest!

OMG if Paganelli does not get the Republican nod will he seek the Democratic nod as he did jump from GOP to Dem back to GOP to get
elected as Councilman? Seems to me the man has no qualifications to be Highway Super. I think I would prefer the Yorktown Fire Chief on that alone, not knowing his other qualifications over all of the above.
By the way has any elected official traveled Strawberry Rd lately, make sure you carry a spare.

This was a surprising announcement to me. The voters I hope are smart enough to vote in a qualified person. I do know that Mr. Bernard and Mr. Gardner have been looking to be elected to this position for a long time now. I know of Mr. Pagnelli's fine outreach to the community with charity events he hosted at his restaurant, but I do not know his ability and experience when it comes to being the head of the highway department. Time will tell. I do feel that road maintenance has been put on the back burner for the past 5-6 years. One reason I guess is the cost of oil that affects the cost of blacktop. (That is a national discussion of consequences when there is no intelligent national energy policy)
There was a certain energy that was put into the Yorktown roadways back in 2001. Traffic bumps (love them or hate them), Flashing Stop signs at accident prone intersections, grooved warning pavement on yellow lines. Whether you agree or disagree with these attempts, at least there was perceived effort and energy. MY MAIN BEEF: Roads that have Double Yellow Lines. Do you see how worn out and barely visible they are, especially at night and when it is raining? This is a big safety issue. We could use strategically placed in ground reflectors in between the yellow lines and maybe the white lines on the right side road edge in selected locations. The only roads painted in the last 4 years have been the short strips of newly paved roads that had to be paved because they were so bad, like on Gomer and Ridge. On a positive note, I will say that the town’s snow removal has and continues to be EXCELLENT.

By the way, I hope the Republican party endorses Greg Bernard for the position. At least he worked in the construction business and not the hospitality business.

Are you kidding me Mr. Paganelli??? "I feel it feeds into my strong suit, which is management and constituent response." Really??? You ran a restaurant. What the hell do you know about machinery, road paving, plowing, dams, culverts, tree clearing, etc? Since you've been on the town board what have you done? Oh that's right, you wanted to get rid of fluoride in our drinking water. I don't like the idea that you think you can announce your candidacy for highway superintendent and fall back into your role as town councilman if that doesn't work out. Do you think you deserve to be paid $125 thousand because you have such a high opinion of yourself? You and others like you are only in it for the money and the health benefits the taxpayers are forced to pay for idiots like you. Go back to your restaurant!

Perhaps someone on the Town Board can confirm or dispute this statement, but I've become aware that the Town Board has been cutting road paving out of the budget for a number of years now. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was told when I moved here that the roads would be re-paved every 15 years. My street has not been re-paved in over 20 years and it shows. This is not acceptable. The future Highway Superintendent better feel the same way and the Town Board needs to be held responsible come election time if they don't believe that properly paved roads help prevent traffic accidents and provide a sense of pride for Town residents. My taxes continue to rise so I think it's fair to expect my street and others to be properly maintained.

"Paganelli praised DiBartolo’s performance and said he hopes to keep Yorktown’s roads in the same shape he’s leaving them."

Living in Yorktown and driving the roads often, I hope this is NOT the case! The roads in town today are in HORRIBLE shape. Constantly swerving to avoid potholes and the multiple patching jobs that are done because the town can't afford to repave many of the roads. Sure, some of the main thoroughfares are OK, but get on a back road and forget about it!

The main roads are typically state roads so the town does not maintain them.