Yorktown Paves Way For Self-Storage At Staples Plaza

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From left, Council member Nick Bianco, Council member Terrence Murphy, Supervisor Michael Grace and Council member Vishnu Patel review a code chage to allow self-storage in C-1 zones in Yorktown. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – The zoning code to allow self-storage in a C-1 district (commercial shopping center zone) was amended Tuesday night by the Yorktown Town Board, further clearing the way for Planet Storage’s application at Staples Plaza.

The board voted unanimously to amend 300-75 in chapter 300 of the Town Code. Self-storage in the C-1 district was initially approved in December 2012, but Tuesday night’s approval added more cross-references from section 300-79 of the town code.

In essence, a self-storage warehouse is now a permitted use at the Staples Plaza. Previously, storage was only allowed if it was attached to an additional commercial use, rather than a standalone building. Use of the warehouse is prohibited from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

“We’re adding some pertinent requirements for self-storage centers that exist in another part of the code,” said John Tegeder, Yorktown’s planning director.

Ray Arnold, a Yorktown resident and former planning director, said instead of referring the reader to another section of the code, it made more sense to have all the requirements in one section of the code. In response, Tegeder said his staff made conscious choice to cross-reference rather than repeat redundant text.

“I think we all agree that one of the problems with Yorktown’s code is that it is so convoluted that it’s very difficult for anyone that is not completely aware of what’s in the code to find out what the heck they can do,” Arnold said.

Town Supervisor Michael Grace agreed, and said the problem dates back to when he was town attorney.

“The zoning code, really from A to Z, has to be looked over and revamped,” he said. “It’s a substantial project, and hopefully within the next few months we’ll try and make some inroads in it.”

Despite the complexities of the code, Grace was happy to move a few things around and make the process easier for Planet Storage.

“I think there’s an application now for this use in the Staples Plaza and the bottom line is that I’d like to move it along,” he said. “I think it’s nice to see that people are looking to re-invest in the town and re-invest in their properties, and I think we ought to be as accommodating as we can, and we’ll get it perfect at a later date.”

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Comments (6)


I think we can find something more useful than another storage place.


This is space at the back of the building. I doubt any retailer would have wanted it. They can't rent the old Bed Bath & Beyond location. And Best Plumbing is moving across the street, so that will be empty.


I agree! Isn't there a storage place right "down the street"!? And another in Mahopac? C'mon Yorktown!


And yet, the company thought there was enough of a need to spend money building another one. Do you have any idea what the occupancy level is at the other places? I don't, but I'd have to imagine that it's pretty high for someone to open another.

Companies typically do not open new locations that they know will fail.


Really People should just get rid of their junk! Those storage facilities are an eyesore!