Yorktown's Unofficial Primary Election Results Are In

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The unofficial results are in from Tuesday's primary elections.
The unofficial results are in from Tuesday's primary elections. Photo Credit: File

UPDATED: YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- The unofficial results are in for several primary elections in Yorktown races for highway superintendent, supervisor, town board member and District 1 county legislator.

Since Yorktown voters had the option of writing in a candidate on many of the election tickets, the results from the Board of Elections are unofficial -- as the board must count the write-in ballots by hand.

In an unofficial tally, Thomas Diana was ahead in the Democratic nomination for highway superintendent with 42 percent of the vote. Unofficial results show he likely edged Stephen Gardner (39 percent) and Virgil T. Borrelli (19 percent).

Diana was also on the ballot for the Independence Party, with the option of writing in a candidate. 

In the Republican race for highway superintendent , Dave Paganelli, a current member of the town board, came away with an unofficial tally of 47 percent.  Unofficial election results show Gregory M. Bernard apparently finished second with 37 percent, and Ray Nikisher came in third with 16 percent.  

Paganelli was the only name printed on the Conservative ballot for highway superintendent, receiving 100 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results.  Conservative voters could have also voted for a write-in candidate for highway boss. Bernard had been campaigning for the Conservative and Independence lines as a write-in.

In the race for town board, incumbents Terrence Murphy and Richard Campanaro were on the Conservative Party ballot.  Murphy garnered 54 percent of the vote and Campanaro received 46 percent, unofficial results show.  Incumbent Vishnubhai Patel and Campanaro were on the Independence Party ticket -- grabbing 56 percent and 44 percent of the votes respectively, unofficial results said.

Independent and Conservative voters also had the option of choosing a write-in candidate on the lines for town board.

Additionally, current town board member Nicholas Bianco was vying for the Conservative and Independence nominations for supervisor -- unofficial results so far on Wednesday showed he took 100 percent of the vote.  Incumbent Supervisor Michael Grace was seeking both lines as a write-in candidate.

Duane Jackson ran for the Independence Party nomination for District 1 county legislator.  Write-in candidates were also possible for the District 1 seat.

As of Wednesday morning, 95-percent of the vote in Yorktown had been tallied.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that some candidates ran unopposed.  The story was updated to include election seats that allowed voters to write in another candidate's name.

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Comments (5)

It's not sour grapes, it's all about qualifications and not a popularity contest. Can someone tell me why the would vote for Murphy? He's a fraud, a pawn to the republican party who has no mind of his own. So uncreative that he has used the same logo and lawn signs for his two failed county leg races. He has dine nothing as a board member and pontificates bs like a used car salesman. It's the dump jock Yorktown home boy vote.

The GOP Highway candidate who has some qualifications has a history of dishonesty and is unable to keep a job. The people have spoken yet again. They don't want him. It's time for him to do the right thing now and step down.

As a second comment unfortunately, congratulations to ALL of the nominees.

The negative comment posted below, really sounds like sour grapes from a losing candidate or one from a losing candidates camp. Not to mention, a blatant insult to a large percentage of GOP primary voters who's opinions of the nominees "qualifications" differ from yours. Irregardless, this is democracy & the people have spoken.

The GOP Highway candidate who has some qualifications loses to a sitting council member who was a caterer and in my opinion has no qualifications. Obvious to me voters chose familiarity, and of course they should be familiar with him he ran for council as a democrat and lost, came back as GOP candidate in the next election and won, now he needs a job I suppose and figured what the heck....