Yorktown High School Students Win Awards At Science & Engineering Fair

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YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. -- Yorktown High School students presented research and won various awards at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, March 8.  

Here is the list of awards won by students of the Yorktown High School science research program::

American Meteorological Society Award: Catherine Chung and Sara Mongno, Environmental Science

ASM International Foundation Award:  Scott Rowan, Engineering

Association of Women Geoscientists Award:  Danielle Andreozzi, Environmental Science; Katie McKeown, Earth Science

Intel Excellence in Computer Science:  Dylan Horowitz, Eric Huang, Justin Yan

Excellence in Medical Research Award donated by the Westchester Academy of Medicine:  Satoko Mii

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Award:  Katie McKeown, earth science

Society for In Vitro Biology Award:  Aron Licht, cell biology

Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Catherine Chung, Sara Mongno, Jason Toporoff, environmental science

U.S. Metric Association Award:  Oleg Demus, medicine and health

U.S. Army Award: Swarnav Pujari, engineering

U.S. Public Health Award:  Fatima Chaudhry, Jordan Tessler

Tompkins Mahopac Bank Award:  Aditya Duri and Siddhartha Duri, computer science

Walter Kass Memorial Award for Excellence in Behavioral Science: Grace Farrell

Visual Impact Award: Jacqueline Hernandez and Sahil Mohan, cell biology

Fisher Scientific Award: Sreeya Sai, behavior

To view the full list of student awards, click here.

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