Yorktown Voters Approve School Budget, Decide On New Board Members

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Yorktown High School.
Yorktown High School. Photo Credit: File photo

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Voters in the Yorktown School District overwhelmingly approved the 2014-2015 budget, 1,146-369.

The $97 million budget increased spending by 3.2 percent with a tax levy increase of .6 percent, within the state's tax cap on the tax levy.

Yorktown residents will see a .52 percent tax increase, New Castle residents will see a .30 percent tax increase while Cortlandt residents will see taxes increase 3.61 percent.

Anthony D'Alessandro and Michael Magnani were elected to the school board with 994 votes and 922 votes respectively. Edward Ciffone had 574 votes.

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Comments (3)

Tell the truth, Miss Truth, have you ever stepped up to run for any elected office? At least Mr. Ciffone -- whether you agree with him or not, and I often do not -- has the chops to put himself out there, time and again. You try to get 574 folks to vote for you. He got 22% of the vote. Not too shabby running against popular incumbents. If nothing else, the BoE should listen to him a little more closely next time he steps up to the mike.

Congrats to Ed Ciffone, whats that Ed 12 straight losses? Keep that day job as the Watchdog....

It's too bad that Ed lost Truth. Whether it's 12 loses or one loss, Ed is still a true friend of all Yorktowners. He is always looking out to see and question how our tax dollars are spent. I can't speak for all the school board members but I can an assure you that Ed would not approve carte blanche spending as I have seen by some school board members and the superintendent of schools Mr. Napolitano. By the way, why do we need a tax hike of over 3%. What does it do for senior citizen quality of life in this town? What will it do for the education of the students living in this town? Many of us went through the Yorktown school system 30, 40 and 50 years ago. I can proudly say that we are better prepared for the world today than the current students are and that is because of the education we received back then. Another question. Why do we pay a superintendent of schools over $250 thousand and have him delegate most of his work to people that make below one hundred thousand? Getting back to Ed. Ed Ciffone is a responsible person that questions where our money is going and what it is going to be used for. Metaphorically speaking, Ed is a Godsend to this town and its people. Yes he is the town Watchdog. A bit grumpy at times but a heart of gold! True to his watchdog personality, Ed is extremely loyal to the town and its people. It's too bad that Yorktowners are blind to the man. It's too bad they can't see who Ed really is. Ed if you are reading this, thanks for all you do for me, my family and the people of Yorktown. Thanks for trying to make this town a better place for all of us. Truth, as I said above, Ed is a true friend of all Yorktowners whether 1 loss, 12 losses or a hundred losses, he's still a winner!